The Mythology Project

The Mythology Project is a collection of Greek Myths, retold through photographic imagery. The four stories include the abduction of Persephone by Hades, the seduction of Leda by Zeus, Psyche paying for passage to the underworld, and Medea sorceress and murderess. (Medea is still a work in progress)

I greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with Samantha Rogers in creating these images.  

Persephone and Hades

The abduction of Persephone by Hades. In this version, the god Hades is played by a skeleton, as the personification of death. Hades has fallen in love with Persephone, ascends from the underworld, seduces Persephone and takes her back with him to the underworld.​​​​​​​
First Contact.  Hades reaches up from below the ground and grasps Persephone's hand. 
The Embrace.  Still half beneath the ground, Hades draws Persephone into his influence.
The Descent.  As Hades pulls Persephone down below the ground, she reaches back in an attempt to take some pomegranates with her. Once in the underworld, if you eat food from there, you will be forever doomed to remain. 
The Rose.  Persephone is finally falling in love with her captor, placing her love and humanity into Hades.
Acceptance Now living beneath the ground in the Underworld, Persephone becomes the willing wife of Hades.

Leda and Zeus
Asleep. Leda sleeps, dreaming about the seduction by Zeus, not yet aware that it actually happened.
What Just Happened? Leda is now awake, still aching and covered with sweat. She stares at the swan feathers, remembering the sensation of making love with Zeus. 
What Next. Leda staring down her body. She begins to feel his seed deep inside her, becoming their children, Helen and Polydeuces.

Take Me Away.  Psyche offers two gold coins to Charon. The price for passage across the river Styx to the underworld 
Not a One Way Trip.  The trip with Charon is intended for the dead. But Psyche is still alive, and needs to convince Charon to take her to the underworld.
Medea Sorceress and Murderess

Medea the Witch and Sorceress

Abandoned By Jason. Anguish and madness begin to set in. The ultimate of retribution will be to murder their children and take their bodies away So that Jason cannot properly morn them.


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